875mg amoxicillin twice a day

Took 6 tums and the Prilosec earlier than normal and ate a lot plain crackers. Burning lessened just a bit. This medicine has awful side effects. Need to call doctor. Both times I got this one I felt like my symptoms worsened two fold after 4 days on this. I've never heard of this before, apparently it's the mother load of sinusitis involving infection in all 4 sinus. I had no fever, no nasal congestion, just severe fog and major headache and really large swollen glands under my Jaw, ears and neck all around.

I'm so delirious I thought Sherlock was a made up word and laughed hysterically when someone mentioned it. Needless to say, this antibiotics doesn't do anything! My doc prescribed me a mg dose, twice a day. So what am i doing now? Do i need to exercise more? Eat soem weird veggies? Anything would be good right now. I had allergy-like symptoms in early June ' The weather was wet and hot during that time.

I spent a week feeling like crap and then felt better. Ever since, I've had a persistent cough. Coughing up green mucus in the morning and then the mucus is clear the rest of the day. The cough is annoying and the mucus keeps coming. I've tried to stay hydrated and take expectorants to get rid of the mucus. I don't feel bad but the cough remains. It's better than say about a month ago when I would have fits of coughing. Now I still cough on and off throughout the day but the mucus keeps coming up.

I'm not having any sinus discomfort and I don't feel like my allergies are flaring up. I don't have any pleural discomfort but I do get tired of all the coughing. My lungs sound clear. I went to the doctor initially with the allergy issue in June and took the Claritin and expectorants.

I haven't been back to the doctor with this persistent cough because it seems to be getting better, but I have had it for about 10 weeks. No night sweats or extreme fatigue - no symptoms but the productive cough. I'm hoping it will eventual go away but after reading this thread I think we all had this same viral type infection. All there modern medicines are expensive and take for ever to work.

I am nearly 60 a ' never-smoked', average weight mal. For almost ten years I have experienced regular coloured phlegm ranging from clear-orange-green needing ritual a. I take an ACE inhibitor for mild hypertension fully controlled.

An operation is available but that might worsen symptoms so naturally I have stayed the right side of that! Sea salt sprays, steam baths, exercise, staying off milk etc all tried but phlegm persists. This is annoying at most after ten years, but a so-called cure would be good if exists.

How about the rest of you? I have the green mucus too!! I am now taking collidial silver,and drinking out of a silver cup-as antibiotics do nothing for this beastly green stuff!!

It has not gone away yet--but it seems to be improving.. At last found a site with people who have same or something similar. I have been getting pretty despearate wondering what on earth is going on.

Started with a cough and copious amounts of disgusting green stringy mucus on 5 Feb. I too am now feeling fine in myself so I am reluctant to return to Dr. I too hope and pray that everyone gets better very soon. Yup, my husband and I have have been coughing up green mucos for 3 and 4 months now. He had it first, then I got it, then we both went in for antibiotics, he got a different one since he is allergic to amox. Mine went away after a couple weeks, but his never did. After about a month of feeling better, mine came back and I am coughing up green again.

We feel pretty normal, but the green junk is getting old. We have given up kissing the kids on the lips for all these months and they are fine. We don't share drinks or food either cuz I don't want them to have it. So glad we have done that. No idea what this all is, but it seems pretty wide spread and pretty consistant. We have had friends with it as well.

Never seen anything like it in my 34 years. So much for modern medicine being able to "fix us". I guess we are all just human after all. This is very painful. I was at work in the morning and by the early evening my sore throat had progressed so much that I was nearly crying. Went to the doctor a day later, assuming I had strep, he gave me a culture test, positive for strep, he gave me a script for penicillin.

November 15 A one-time injection of Bicillin was an effective treatment for my strep throat. September 26 My son has strep throat and was put on amoxicillin mg twice a day. August 19 Never experience anything like this before! What the doctor prescribed for me is azithromycin. It's for 5 days but keeps working days afterwards.

Just want to get better.

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